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You should at least be able to see the difference between X, Y and Z, and ideally between A, B and C to make the most of your experience here at lightstormimages.com. To best see these computer-generated values, adjust the contrast and brightness knobs/buttons on your monitor. If you monitor's settings are already at their maximum values, and your monitor is more than five years old, you most likely need to replace your monitor.

In the meantime, look at your graphics card settings (Windows: Display Properties > Monitor > Advanced Settings), and see if you can effect the brightness and contrast from there. Please be aware that this is just a temporary solution and ultimately your monitor will need to be repaired or replaced.

A great site to adjust what you have online is DisplayCalibration.com.

To go a step further and professionally calibrate your monitor (recommended for all photographers and anyone else working on the web), a great monitor calibration software and hardware solution can be found here: The ColorVision Website

You might also want to visit the International Color Consortium for more information: www.color.org

Best wishes!

Jon Hillenbrand

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